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inHome Montessori
exists to unlock human potential in every parent and
every child on Earth

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What is inHome Montessori ?

inHome Montessori is a homeschooling program for parents, caregivers and au pairs, seeking an affordable curriculum focused on holistic early childhood development, and based on the Montessori philosophy.


We are driven by a passion and commitment to make quality education accessible to all South Africans, regardless of their personal circumstances. Whether it is a family seeking a full homeschool curriculum for their young child; or a single working parent in need of a simple guide to support their child in a specific area of development or a mom that wishes to enrich your school going child's learning at home  - the inHome Montessori curriculum is flexible and offers hands-on and practical educational solutions to empower parents to provide a rich learning environment in the home, in which children from birth to six years old can flourish and realise their full potential in the formative years.

InHome Montessori offers curriculum options which simplifies otherwise complex concepts and translates it into a user-friendly program for parent and child to work through together.


The curriculum is designed to empower parents or caregivers to facilitate the learning process in the home environment, through active engagement, hands-on activities, and meaningful dialogue. Yes, the world is changing and most jobs are becoming automated, but what we know for sure is that no robot or machine will ever replace the vital role of a caring grown-up nurturing a young person.

It is our sincere hope to offer parents / caregivers suggestions to enhance their current approach to learning and cognitive development, thus encouraging the child within all of us to continue on the path of lifelong learning. Our own experience working with children has been humbling in that in the moments where we were the most still and observant, were the very moments that we became the student and the child became the teacher.

We look forward to supporting you along this journey!

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"I observed the children,
sensed their needs,
I tried to
fulfill them,
they call that the

Montessori method"

-Maria Montessori- 


Enriching your home with the beauty of the Montessori way through our personalised programs aimed at supporting and up-skilling you to give

your children the very best learning experience.

All in the comfort of your loving home 

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Thank you!

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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