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About Us at
inHOme MOntessori 

InHome Montessori is a homeschooling resource we wish to offer parents, au pairs and nannies, which follows the holistic and scientifically proven methods of the Montessori philosophy, tailored to the home environment. 
We strive to empower parents and nannies who look after children 6 years and younger with the skills and tools to provide a rich and fun learning environment in the home – full time or as a supplement to the child’s school curriculum. Through our program, our hope is that you then take the reins of empowering the child. 
We recognise the current challenges that South Africa’s basic education system is faced with, and we wish to be a part of the solution by providing a solid, valuable foundation and kick-start to many of our children’s early school careers.  Focusing on a wide variety of subjects along with accessible numeracy and literacy lessons, we have created a fun, authentic, compassionate and supportive homeschool curriculum.
With human-centered design thinking in mind, the curriculum is affordable, simple, easy to use and flexible enough to fit into any daily routine which suits the whole family.

 The values we at
inHome Montessori live by

Move in authentic truth
Express compassionate action
Inspire and support empowering moments
Expect abundance of the human spirit
Laugh more!

 inHome Montessori encapsulates
all of these values in order to
seamless, fUn and helpful systems
of learning for our little fUtures.

Our promise

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With the boom of the internet, for working parents, it is now so much easier to keep your child in a comfortable and familiar environment that fuels their imagination. A loving home will always be a place of security. A place where your child will develop their identity, a sense of belonging and a place to thrive. We promise to give you a curriculum that supports your home circumstances and is adaptable to its changing needs.
This promise speaks to each and every individual that comes together to make this learning process possible for the child; from our well equipped curriculum developers to the parents and guardians who are willing to learn in order in order to take on this important roles in a child's life. These people's nurturing culture is an vital and exceptional addition to the process. 
This symbolises the empowering and encouraging approach to teaching. With  inHome Montessori, a child will always feel equipped to take on a new challenge. we promise to apply the Montessori idea that "the hand is the instrument of the mind" 
There is nothing more fun and natural than learning. This should NOT be a stressful process for neither parent nor child. Our curriculum is designed to empower the parent and the child, in a fun, enjoyable entertaining and engaging way.


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