inHome Montessori Curriculum

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Our curriculum has been developed by both locally and internationally trained Montessori educational experts, with a combined experience of 38 years in the field of early childhood development. In a world where constant disruption is the order of the day, parents are faced with less time, less patience, less certainty and more stress than ever before.

With 20 000 Montessori schools worldwide, of which approximately 10% operate in South Africa, the Montessori philosophy, with its tried and tested curriculum which is 120 years old, is an ideal response strategy to the current challenges faced in South Africa.

Our Curriculum Framework 

InHome Montessori exists to unlock human potential in every Parent and every Child on Earth.  

Our framework will give you an overview of the vision, purpose, principles, values and structures that we have put together to provide all children in South Africa with a solid, supportive and affordable pre-school education that any parent, nanny, family member or au pair can easily use in the comfort and safety of the home environment.

Our curriculum follows the holistic and scientifically proven methods of the Montessori system whilst

adding a modern and innovative twist to it: the Internet. As we are in full agreement that screen time can effect the cognitive development of young children, the modern twist is specifically for our adults, whilst our children enjoy having good old fashion fun, exploration and learning. 

InHome Montessori designed this curriculum and individual learning experience to help parents unlock the full potential in children from birth to six years old, by providing Montessori tools, equipment and support which can be easily accessed and used within the home environment.



We have an inherent understanding of all the elements that function together to set up a child’s future for success.

We have skillfully designed an all-in-one learning program to include

 the following subject areas (learning experiences):

Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (Language & STEAM subjects)

whilst also not limiting the home learning experience to explore beyond this framework.

ELDA's Early learning development areas: Well-being -Identity and belonging -Communication- Exploring mathematics -Creativity- Knowledge and understanding of the world. These have at their heart already been intertwined into the Montessori method for over a century..

Based on and including all the learning experiences, we have simplified our framework into three ages groups

Babies - Birth to 12 months -  Toddlers 12-36 months - Young children 3-6 years old

Our Curriculum Structure